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In 2007, I received my first DSLR. I am a learner and achiever personality, so I immediately began learning everything I could because I wanted to take great pictures of my children – things that I couldn’t do with the point and shoot camera we had. I spent hours reading the manual, taking pictures of water bottles (my young children could only pose for so long), and looking at the results. Then I moved on to voraciously researching online to learn new techniques and then to online tutorials.

Eventually, my children grew altogether OVER my taking their picture all the time while I fiddled and changed camera settings in my experimentation, so I started borrowing my friends’ children. I guess I was getting better, because friends-of-friends started asking if I would take a few pictures for them.

As this happened, I found the “need” for new lenses, more training, props, and in-person workshops with well known and highly skilled photographers in my favorite types of photography. I was careful to never spend more than I had saved, but as time went on my husband made a gentle statement for consideration, “Maybe, if you’re spending this much time studying and away from the family in the evenings and saving up to buy new equipment and get more training, you should consider charging money.”

I balked, “I don’t want to go into business! That’s too much work – charging money – then I have to keep up with sales tax, and self employment tax, and what I spend…”. But, as I spent time thinking about it – I WAS spending a lot of time away from my family and I WAS spending a lot of our income on “stuff.” So, I made the decision to do it. I’m a rule follower, so that meant I had to figure out how to even become a business.

On March 29, 2009 I showed up at the County Clerk’s office to file a Certificate of Ownership for Misti White Photography. I went and opened a business banking account and got a business credit card. The last step was to get my Texas Sales and Use Tax Permit to dutifully charge & collect sales tax.

Remember, I wasn’t sure I wanted to do this photography business “thing,” and I certainly wasn’t sure it was actually going to become anything more than a side hobby, so I deemed it appropriate to start my first official business date, according to my Texas Sales and Use Tax Permit, to be April 1, 2009.

Yes, April Fool’s Day.

So, each year on April Fool’s I giggle a little. And, one day in the far future, when this journey is over, I hope that April Fool’s brings a fond smile and memories of so many lives I’ve been honored to capture. For this year, though, I decided I would do my first ever birthday celebration.

To celebrate six years of being in business, I have an offer for you expecting mommies!! Any Newborn or Newborn & Family session booked this month (because who doesn’t want to celebrate their birthday all month long!?!), will receive a complementary Petite Studio Maternity Session for Mommy! (YES, if you are already booked for a Newborn or Newborn & Family session for 2015, you can take me up on this offer!!)

**Petite Studio Maternity Sessions: 30-45 minute studio session, Monday – Thursday between 9am and 2pm. Exceptions may be made to allow for evenings if I can place multiple bookings in one evening. $100 session retainer for Newborn or Newborn & Family session must be paid prior to Maternity session. No prints, digital files, or product credit included – 8-10 web sized files with watermark will be added to your online gallery for download with the option to purchase prints and/or full size digital files (without watermark). Due dates in April – December of 2015 qualify for this offer. Spots limited to Newborn Availability which changes regularly, but current openings noted below. All you need to bring is yourself (mommy only) and a pair of jeans, all other items supplied by me. Poses and sets include those like and similar to below.**


Fort Worth newborn photography

granbury newborn photographer


And, to add to the fun, look at some of those images from my first newborn session – sweet Elijah! I know these absolutely mean the world to my dear friend (even if I can point out ‘off’ colors in skin tones, less than perfect posing, and interesting lighting technique), and I am forever grateful that she allowed me to capture this preciousness – it was the moment I knew, without a doubt, that if I did this “business thing,” Newborn Photography would be what I would want to do more than anything else.

DSC_0007 soft less yel vin wDSC_0036 soft light web

and one of my more recent sessions…it’s fun to see how my posing has been perfected and my style has developed.

Granbury newborn photographer

  • April 3, 2015 - 4:23 pm

    Mindy Metivier - Happy Anniversary Misti White Photography!!! Congratulations on your 6-year anniversary–what an accomplishment!!! Granbury, Fort Worth & Stephenville families are so fortunate to have you to fulfill their photographic needs 🙂 Here’s to many more years to come–cheers!!!ReplyCancel

  • April 14, 2015 - 3:19 pm

    Nicole - Your maternity and newborn photography is just breathtaking!!! Your images have grown so much over the years and you can tell you have worked very hard to be the best Fort Worth newborn photographer around!!!ReplyCancel

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