The littlest feet make the biggest footprints on our heart.

So fresh and new. Cute little button nose. Tiny eyelashes. Absolute perfection. These are truly my favorite sessions. Since my first session in 2008, I have photographed over 600 newborns and received training from multiple photographers and safety training with a former NICU nurse-turned-photographer. I may be a prop hoarder, but I’m sure to have the perfect items to coordinate with your vision or incorporate with your heirloom items.

Simply Swaddled

A shorter session of 30 minutes to an hour with 3 to 4 sets. Baby stays swaddled for the session, but wraps and “accessories” (hats, bonnets, headbands, as applicable) are changed for each unique set with input for your color palette preferences. Family may be incorporated as one of the sets. Samples of Swaddled sets and images in display above.

Luxe Newborn

Session of 1 1/2 to 3 hours, (depending on baby’s needs). The Luxe session includes 7 to 9 sets that include both swaddled and bare baby posing. Accessories and sets are designed to match your color palette preferences. Family may be included as desired. Samples of Luxe session images on display above.